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The super tapered slots hinder the entrapment of saind grains inside them, reducing frequency of vents clogging and of stops for the machine cleaning.

Tests in production proved that the unique slots taper allow to increase in up to 300% the capacity of clogging resistance, increasing tooling productivity and core sand quality.

Ventistamp revolutionized the venting concept being the only manufacturer of vents with super tapered slot thats fallow geometry of the tooling cavity.

• No vents adjustments requerid;
• Reduction of the vents mark on the sands core and on the sand mold;
• Fast vents exchange in the curved regions of the cavity;
• Better sand compactation.

Ventistamp use Stainless Steel and Maganese Brass Alloy, that are considered high permance materails to manufacture their vents, what provids greater resistance to the sand abrasive affect and increases the vents lifespan.


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